Online Course in Pain Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Pain Management.

The Diploma is intended for general Physicians & Specialists who wish to specialize in Pain Management. The Diploma will provide healthcare professionals with the most advance multidisciplinary approaches and technologies for the care & management of both acute and chronic pain.

The Diploma shall be of Eighteen Month, comprising of :

  • 1) Eleven Months online program with eleven modules.
  • 2) 5 days of Contact program at Singhania University or designated centers in India.
  • 3) 6 month to complete Log book in your practise.

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Benefits of the Course

University Recognized Diploma in Pain Management

Get your Post Graduate Medical Qualification

You become a Specialist Doctor

Renowned Faculties in the Specialty.

Post Graduate Diploma in Pain Management.

Course Outline

  • 1.) Course duration 18 month
  • 2.) There will be 11 modules of one month each, starting from July 2018
  • 3.) There is a test to be cleared after each module
  • 4.) In month of June 2019 you will be called for 5 days of contact program in India, during contact program you shall be attending lectures, Case discussion, live patient examination and treatment. On 5th day of contact program you will undergo final examination
  • 5.) 6 month of log book will be given for cases
  • 6.) The degree will be awarded by Singhania University after Successful completion

Course Eligibility

This Post-graduate Diploma is designed for healthcare professionals, giving them the freedom to better manage their work, learning and acquiring professional degree. This course is appropriate for MBBS Doctors,/ MD Physician . However, specialist doctors from any stream may also apply for this course.







MBBS, MD, FIPP (Hungary),
Fellowship Endoscopic Spine (Germany & Korea), FIAPM,









MBBS, MD, FIPP (Hungary)



MBBS, CCEPC, FISSP, NFPM, MD - Anaesthesiology

Learning Objectives

This course covers all the aspect of this subject. Upon completion of this course, students (candidates) would be able to:

Understanding Nature of Pain

Explain the nature of Pain, its function, characteristics, types, and sources.

Method Implementation

Implement the methods to assess, diagnose, intervene, evaluate, and document pain management.

Manage Patients

Manage patients using conservative, pharmacological and some Interventional approaches.

Clinical Issues

Identify clinical issues of pain management in children.

Pain Management

Describe pain management for individuals with cancer and at the end of life care.

Understanding Acute & Chronic Pain

Demonstrate a critical understanding of self-care promotion for acute and chronic pain

Pain Management Strategies

Deliver management strategies for the investigation and treatment of patients with pain conditions.

Evaluate Current Research

Critically evaluate current research in inter-disciplinary & multi-disciplinary Pain Management

Evidence-Based Approaches

Use critical thinking and evidence-based approaches to develop assessment and treatment plans across the pain continuum, with an emphasis on complex/chronic pain.

About University

Degree Facilitated by Singhania Medical University, India

Singhania University was inaugurated in 2007 to impart quality education of world class standards, reflecting the latest advances in the field of education and research with state-of-the-art academic and administrative infrastructure. The University has a well stocked and furnished library, well equipped labs in it world-class infrastructure, highly qualified and dedicated faculties and excellent environment for academic and intellectual growth.

The University focuses on comprehensive growth of the students. The faculty is fully committed to impart quality education by investing all its skills and knowledge. The University endeavours not only to produce excellent academic results but also to produce excellent and successful professionals.

Course Key Features

This course covers all the aspect of the Pain Manegement. The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the management of pain: its nature, sources, assessment, interventions both noninvasive and some invasive procedures, documentation, ethical and legal issues.
The curriculum has been designed by experienced Specialists and feedback from specialized doctors .

  • Strong Fundamentals  Focussed on fundamentals to set a strong foundation of the course.
  • Video Training  Course is taught via videos and screencasts
  • Planned Curriculum Built by experienced faculty, it is a time bound course
  • Task Oriented Focus on overall learning experience, this course is task based.
  • Event based Various events are organised in the course for an overall learning experience.
  • Learning  Exposure This is not just a course but an overall learning experience.
  • Test Exercises  Advanced level exercises are built in the course.

  • Overall Learning  This is not just a course but an overall learning experience.
  •  Advanced Exercises  Advanced level exercises are built in the course.
  • One to One interaction Student Instructor one to one interaction in the course.
  • Live Experiments Students are exposed to live experimentation and learning from practicals.
  • Focus on Details Course specialises in focussing on minute details in the subject.
  • Experiential Learning Focus on overall learning experience, this course is task based.
  • Student Focussed Built by experienced faculty, it is a time bound course

Join the elite group of Healthcare Professionals!

Health professionals working within a clinical setting, with a related Healthcare Science degree are eligible to apply for the PG Diploma in Pain Management course.

Applicants without the above academic criteria but relevant/suitable experience can apply. Applications will be judged on the individual specifics of background and qualifications including ability to work at Postgraduate level.

Applicants should submit copies of the following with their application:

1) Qualification Certificates.

2) Identity Proof


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