Centres for Advanced Pain and Spine Interventions (CAPSI) is an endeavor by a group of renowned pain physicians to establish ethical and  good quality pain medicine practice. An elite group of pain physicians have come together to form a medical group – CAPSI that thrives to provide effective pain medicine patient care, knowledge dissemination and research activities in pain medicine. The core group of fellowship trained, pain physicians in CAPSI include Dr Gautam Das from Kolkata, Dr Pankaj Surange from New Delhi, Dr Karthic Babu Natarajan from Chennai and Dr Palak Mehta from Ahmedabad.

Pain Medicine or pain management is a new branch of medicine that provides treatment for pain arising from orthopaedic, neurological, muscle related and cancer related pain. CAPSI Pain centers are the best pain centers, in terms of quality and experience of the consultants available and the state of the art procedure facilities. The multi-disciplinary team of doctors are renowned to diagnose and treat pain conditions which have been not been effectively diagnosed or treated in other centres. The CAPSI group takes pride is providing second medical opinion in any pain related or spine and other orthopaedic condition. All CAPSI pain centers will follow CAPSI scientific pain management protocols for patient care. Treatments provided for pain conditions include medications, minimaly invasive-non surgical and target specific interventions, physical therapy & rehab and advanced pain interventions like Vertebroplasty for spine fractures, Endoscopic discectomy for slipped disc or disc prolapse, spinal cord stimulator and Intrathecal pump for advanced pain. All pain interventions are minimally invasive procedures, performed by trained experts, under image guidance using local anaesthesia or sedation. So pain interventions are safe and effective day care procedures, which facilitate early return to work.

Our focus area is back (spine) pain, disc prolapse (sciatica), joint (knee, shoulder, hip and elbow), sports injuries, nerve related pain ( Neuralgias and Neuropathic pains) and cancer pain. Latest treatment protocols including image guided pain interventions (injections), radio frequency ablations, PRP injections, botulinum injection, effective rehabilitation exercises regimens, advanced pain interventions like spinal cord stimulators, intrathecal pumps, Endoscopic spine procedures, Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty are available. The activities of the CAPSI pain clinics will include:

  • On Site Consultations
  • Online Consultations
  • Online Appointments
  • Second Opinion
  • Medical Tourism
  • Online courses for General Physicians
  • Trainings and Workshops for Specialist Doctors
  • Public Awareness programs